Truck Warranty

Truck Master Warranty

Hayworth Equipment Sales is proud to provide Truck Master Warranty, the only fully insured, licensed, and registered extended service contract provider for used, commercial heavy-duty trucks in Canada.

Expensive breakdowns are difficult to predict and budget for. Our Truck Master Warranty protects you from the financial burdens of a breakdown, allowing you to perform the necessary repairs to get your truck up and running and making you money again.


Why purchase a Truck Master Warranty?

  • Protect your investment
  • Increase financing eligibility
  • Reduce hassles for mechanical breakdowns
  • Transferable to new owners
  • Fully insured

Available Warranty Programs

CPO90 (Certified Pre-Owned) is a limited warranty that covers the engine, with optional coverage for the Transmission and Drive Axle

Truck Master Plus is a mechanical breakdown insurance policy, complying with stringent insurance laws. The first 12 months includes the Engine Base Plan, plus Fuel Injectors, Water Pumps, Turbo Chargers, Fuel Pumps and Engine ECMs.


Truck Master Plus

90 Days/40,000 KM
12 Months/80,000 KM
24 Months/160,000 KM
36 Months/240,000 KM
48 Months/320,000 KM
Engine - Base Plan
Optional Coverages:
  • Transmission
  • Transmission & Differentials
Engine - Base Plan
Optional Coverages:
  • Transmission & Rear Axles
  • Exhaust After Treatment System
  • Turbo Charger, Fuel Injectors, Water & Fuel Pumps, ECM
Max Limits of Liability
 $13,000 $45,000
Deductible $100 $250
Roadside Assistance
Tow services only
$50 for additional roadside services


  • Trucks must be less than 10 calendar years old
  • They cannot exceed 1,360,000 km.
  • All vehicles must pass inspection requirements
  • Pre-existing conditions will not be covered

Learn how Truck Master Warranty can help you

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