Centerline 40T Tridem Folding Gooseneck Lowboy

Folding gooseneck lowbeds are the trailers of choice for operators needing a versatile solution with both rear and front loading abilities. The mechanical folding neck allows the trailer to be pulled in two positions: drop deck position for equipment with height constraints or with the neck straightened out to haul longer loads such as camp shacks.

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Centerline 40t folding gooseneck


We use a tapered full width pickup throat to aid in loading equipment over gooseneck.

tridem folding gooseneck

Split Liverolls

Air controlled high lift rear deck liverolls allow for easy unloading of short skid equipment.

tridem folding gooseneck

Neck Liveroll

6” liveroll on back of gooseneck prevents tractor winch cable damage.

Centerline 40t tridem

Rear Tail

Combination beavertail/flip over liveroll makes this trailer very versatile.

Centerline tridem folding gooseneck

Center Liveroll

Air controlled high lift center deck liveroll allows for easy unloading of long skid equipment.

Centerline 40t tridem folding gooseneck

Load Securement

This trailer is equipped with chain pockets opposite each crossmember and (10) load winches.




Length Liveroll down: 52’9”
Liveroll up: 51’6”
Width 10'0"
Main Deck Length 26’
Overall Lower Length 41'6"
Deck Height 44" unladen
King Pin Setting 18"
Capacity 40 ton distributed evenly over 20’ of deck
Gooseneck Short gooseneck with (1) king pin setting for tandem drive tractor
Full width pick-up throat c/w cable saver and cable anchor behind king pin
Tapered front ramp for easy in loading
equipment over front neck in flat position
Greasable hinge pins 4140 heat treated/stress relieved
Hi-Lo gooseneck lock provision for use as an oilfield float
Main Frame All fabricated QT-100 mainframe design c/w selective lightening holes
Main deck 8” x 4” I beam crossmembers @ 24” spacing
Live Rolls Air operated 6” split liverolls mounted at the rear of main deck
(2) Air operated 6” split liverolls mounted at the rear of main deck
Bolsters Full width, 28” wide bolsters between tires fitted 3/8” T100 top plate & 1” traction bars
3/8” T100 wheel covers & 5/16” side skirts over the 1st & 2nd axles
Removable lightweight aluminum checker fenders over the 3rd axle
Beavertail Full width gentle slope 20 degree beavertail fitted with 3/8” T100 top plate & 1” traction bars
Flip over 8.625” liveroll equipped with cable saver and (2) sets of support rollers
Wide Load Sign Wide load sign & receiver tubes in front of rear light panel
Winches (10) 3-bar strap winches mounted on side rail & J hooks opposite
Chain Pockets Chain pocket opposite each crossmember on maindeck
(3) pair chain pockets on gooseneck (1) under each wheel bolster
Pin Pockets (10) pair external single mount pin pockets
(5) pair internal single mount pin pockets
(1) pair quad pin pockets behind center deck liveroll
(1) pair of internal quads mounted on first bolster
(1) pair of internal quads mounted in front of liveroll
(1) pair mounted pin pockets in center
behind king pin @ 10” inside width
(1) pair mounted pin pockets in center on beavertail pipe @ 10” inside width
Landing Gear Lightweight tube style swing up dolly legs
Deck Material 3” fir rough decking throughout
Suspension (3) 30,000 lb. air ride suspension
Air scale and manual dump valve in enclosed box at rear side rail
Axles (3) 25,000 lb. @ 93.5” track width (10’0” wide over tires)
Axle Spacing 60"
Hubs/Drums 10 stud hub piloted and cast outboard drums
Brake Linings Quick change 16 ½ x 7 brake blocks & enclosed cam tubes
Slack Adjusters Automatic slack adjusters
Wheels 10 stud 8.25 x 22.5 pilot mount steel disc - silver
Tires 275/70R-22.5 radial tires
Lighting Integrated wiring harness
Rubber mounted LED sealed beam lighting system
(1) Pair swing out wide load lights at front and rear deck on side rail
(1) pair of amber strobe lights with switch in dump valve cabinet
Finish Sandblasted, epoxy primer & Dupont Imron Elite urethane paint
Safety Stripe Applied as per regulation
Warranty 1st year - 100% parts & labour
2nd year - 50% parts & labour
3rd to 5th year - 50% parts only
  • Tuff-Lift axle lift system
  • Available in different main rail profiles, widths and lengths
  • Available in 40-65 ton main frame capacities
  • Gooseneck compatible for Tridrive tractors
  • Full width beavertail with open wheel wells
  • Booster provisions installed on rear frame
  • Available for different tire and rim requirements



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