Lanau dump truck body

Lanau Truck Dump Body

This is our bestselling truck dump body and for good reason. Lanau is known as a leader in the dump body industry for its unique and innovative high quality products. From start to finish, this dump body has been designed and manufactured with the user in mind. If you are looking for a box that is durable, reliable and ready for heavy work, this is the one for you.


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Lanau Truck Dump Body Top Beam

Diamond Tube Top Beam

Top sidewall beam is inclined to eliminate material spillage.

Lanau Truck Dump Tapered Body

Tapered Body

The inside of the dump body width is tapered outward from the front to the rear for better material cleanout.

Lanau Dump Body Tailgate System

Tailgate System

The Staylock tailgate latching system guarantees the tailgate stays closed when loaded. 

Lanau Dump Body Tail Lights

Better Visibility

All our Lanau dump bodies are fitted with rear post tail lights and at least (5) side marker lights for increased visibility.

Lanau Truck Dump Body Rubber isolation System

Rubber Isolation System

A rubber cushion is mounted between the front sill and truck frame to minimize body rattle.

Lanau Truck Dump Body Lengths

Variety of Lengths

While our most commonly stocked box is 15 feet long, we can custom order a box to fit your needs.

Box Size Various sizes available; dependent on customers’ needs
Floor 400 - 500 Brinell tensile strength steel
Rear Inside Height 88 5/8”
Side Height 24”, 30”, 26”, 42”, 28”, 54”, or 60”
Sides 400 - 500 Brinell tensile strength steel
4” x 3” Diamond tube top beam
(3) Sideboard support brackets per side
Front 400 - 500 Brinell tensile strength steel
Tailgate 400 - 500 Brinell tensile strength steel
(3) Horizontal stiffeners c/w spreader chain adjustment slots           
Tailgate Trip Air controlled 4” doubling acting pneumatic cylinder
Tailgate Height 36", 48", 54", 60" or 72"
Cab Shield 12", 18", 24", 30", 36" or 42"
Hoist Outside or inside mount hoist; dependent on customers’ needs
Ride Cushion Rubber cushion mounted on front box sill underside
Lighting System Sealed integrated wiring harness system
(2) Oval LED tail/turn & (1) backup in rear corner posts
(5) 2” LED clearance per side & (3) 2” LED ID in center at rear
Wet Kit Direct mount air shift PTO & pump
Air operated auto PTO kick out & pump feathering valve
Multi-function floor mount control console
(3) line system – Supply, suction, & return  
Hydraulic Selector Cross 3 port air controlled
Hydraulic Tanks Aluminum frame mount; tank size dependent on box size

Hitch Assembly (optional)

Hi-tensile steel frame insert style rear apron
Premier 370 pintle hook, air assisted slack control
Mud Flaps (2) Mudflaps installed in front of 2nd axle & behind 3rd axle
(2) Anti-sail brackets installed on front mud flaps
Sideboards Spruce 2”x12” smooth
Finish Box sandblasted & baked powder coated paint (1) color
Side boards painted black with acrylic enamel
Load Cover Electric drive mesh flip tarp c/w polished arms
  • Quick-Slide UHMW box liner
  • Air Weigh scale system
  • High lift tailgate & hinge point
  • Dump body vibrator
  • Sealed tailgate & tailgate locks   
  • Shovel mount                    

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