b-train side dump trailer

Centerline B-Train Side Dump

This trailer features a radius style box design to maximize unloading efficiency, Hardox 450, 1/8” steel floor optimized for strength and crack resistance, Michels electric driven load cover c/w mesh tarp, Two speed landing gear on both lead and pup, Quick change manual hatch system for dumping curb or street side, and three Hendrickson lift systems.


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Centerline Side Dump Trailer Frame


We use a 110,000 PSI tensile frame flange AND webb, while the majority of other trailers only use high tensile flanges.

Centerline Side Dump Crossmember


Engineered laser cut flared end crossmembers increase torsional twist strength making the trailer much more stable.

Centerline Side Dump Box

Box Strength

The Centerline box is constructed from 400 - 500 brinell strength steel which is extremely wear & crack resistant, giving you a long life cycle.

Centerline Side Dump Dump Angle

Dump Angle

The rolled box combined with a steep side dump angle ensures optimum clean out.

Centerline Side Dump Latch


Comes equipped with a quick change manual latch system for dumping curb or street side.

Centerline Side Dump Controls

Side Controls

Allows ground crew to manually dump the box when needed.


Total Volume
43 cu. yd.
Overall Length 58'2"
Box Length 20'10"
Width 8'6"
Overall Height 123'5"
Kingpin Height 49"
Box Radius style box design
400-500 brinell, 200,000 tensile steel strength body construction
56" h side height with large formed top beam
Grease style tipping hinge bushings
Frame Fully fabricated hi-tensile steel main rails
Engineered flared end I beam crossmembers
3/8” upper coupler plate with 2” king pin @ 20” setting
Two speed landing gear on lead and pup trailer
Quick change manual latch system for dumping curb or street side
Hoist (2) double acting 5” hydraulic tipping cylinders on lead and pup
Hydraulics Dual line system with high pressure supply & low pressure return
Supply & return quick couplers on front of trailer
Air over electric frame mounted hydraulic selector valve c/w manual override
Suspension (5) 30,000 lb. air ride suspension @ 60” spacing
Axles (3) 25,000 lb. axles @ 77.5” track (8’6” over tires)
Brakes 16 ½” x 7” Q Plus quick change brake shoes c/w non asbestos lining
Automatic slack adjusters & parking brakes on all axles
Hendrickson bearing system & Stemco HP seals
Meritor/WABCO 2S/1M ABS           
Hubs & Drums 10 stud steel piloted hubs & cast steel drums
Wheels Alcoa 10 stud piloted mounted aluminum 24.5 x 8.25 disc wheels - polished
Tires 11R-24.5 radial 16 ply tires
Electrical System LED shock mounted sealed lamps
Integrated harness system
Seven pin standard lighting receptacles & six pin accessory receptacles
Dual pin receptacles to operate the load cover electric drive on lead & pup trailer
Lead trailer bridge fitted with coiled air and electrical lines to connect to pup trailer
Midway turn signal on each side of lead and pup trailer
Fenders Rubber belting fenders at front of lead and pup
Plastic tub style fenders over rear tires
Mudflaps Standard equipped full mud flap package
Load Cover Michels electric driven load cover c/w mesh tarp
Finish Sandblasted, primed, and painted with PPG urethane paint
Sideboards to match trailer chassis
Document holder installed on frame side rail
 Safety Stripe Applied as per regulation
 Weight 12,300 kgs +/- 2%
Warranty: 1st year – 100% parts & labour
2nd year – 50% parts & labour
3rd to 5th year – 50% parts only
  • Tuff Lift axle lift system
  • Quick-Slide UHMW box liner
  • Aluminum wheels, hubs and Centri-Fuse drums
  • Load slide control electric box vibrators
  • Air Weigh scale system
  • Calcium sprayer tank
  • Aluminum toolbox on frame
  • Spare tire carrier with spare tire



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