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We have a diverse lowbed line up, ranging from lightweight tandem trailers all the way to multi axle heavy haul units in a variety of lengths and configurations designed to suit your application. These trailers are engineered to be reliable in harsh terrains and conditions.

  Flat Decks

When you require a versatile trailer that is able to transition smoothly from on-road applications to tough off-road environments, our flat decks will get the job done.

 Drop Decks

Whether you need a standard step deck or one with ramps on the front and rear, our step deck lineup is versatile and allows you to haul your load smoothly through a variety of environments.


We have been selling log trailers for 40 years and know what works and what doesn’t. Our log trailers are designed with floating cross members and high tensile main frame rails to minimize weight, thus maximizing payload and profit.

 Pintle Trailers

Our tag trailers are designed to be easy to use and safe to load. These high-quality units come in various configurations to fit your requirements.

 Jeeps and Boosters

These trailers give you the ability to haul extra heavy loads safely and legally by distributing the weight over additional axles. With a wide variety of configurations available, we will work with you to develop a spec that works for your application.


We have dump trailers to suit your needs, from end dumps, pony pups and wagons to side dumps, bottom dumps, and live bottom trailers. Our dump trailers are high-quality and engineered with cutting-edge features for performance, no matter what you’re hauling.

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